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I am going to do something a little different this week. We are going to give you some accounting motivation. Watch now!

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Accounting is tough. I have worked in a bunch of different accounting offices. In every business I have worked in, there has been crying in accounting. Just let that sink in. People are under so much stress and pressure that they break down in tears. It is a really tough job. And I remember the first time this happened.

I was sitting in the accounting office. It was fiscal year end, and everyone was under tough deadlines. And my co-worker broke down sobbing. I was taken by surprise, and I remember thinking, “What is going on? There is no crying in business.” But I have become more understanding over the years because I have seen it happen a lot.

So if you are experiencing a tough time at work, I made this video for you. You will have days where you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed, frustrated, overworked, and under-appreciated. You might be facing situations at work that seem impossible to overcome. You will be at your desk working on a financial report late at night. Everyone else will have already left for the day and you will still be there working. In your worn down state, you will ask yourself, “why am I doing this?” I know what it feels like because I have been there myself.

In that moment, you need to tell yourself one thing. “You are wonderful.” This is something accountants are really bad at. You get so caught up with work, and the accounting records, and helping other departments, that you forget to stop and tell yourself, “You are wonderful.”

Here is what you need to remember. You have had the training and the experience to develop the skill of being good with money. That is a powerful thing. You are an accountant and you are special. In today’s business world, that financial skill is something we need more than ever.

You are important. You might be sitting there late at night writing that financial report, but you need to realize you are an important part of your organization. You make the money work. You are the glue that holds things together. You are the compass that guides the way. You are the extension cord that powers the economy.

Your role goes far beyond accounting. We are all here on this planet together. We are here to laugh, smile, and experience joy. Money allows all of that to happen. Your job is part of this amazing thing we call life. You might just be writing a financial report, but what you are actually doing is enabling greatness. You are enabling that laughter, smiles, and joy.

So whatever it is you are dealing with, give yourself some credit. You are an accountant and you are wonderful. You will get through this, you will excel, and you will become a bigger and better person by going through your journey.

So when you ask yourself the question, Why am I doing this? You are doing this because the world needs people like you.

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