SHOCKING New Jan 6 Footage Released

It has been one week since Congress has released 40,000 hours of new footage from the January 6 protests at the Capitol. What this new footage reveals is shocking and we will be covering it this week on Wolves and Finance.

Links to the videos are in the footnotes:

Before we get into the footage, let us recap how we got here. The new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, released the new January 6 footage within less than 30 days of taking the position. That is pretty interesting. When Republicans first took control of Congress after the last election cycle, they chose Kevin McCarthy as Speaker, but they chose him on the condition that he would release the January 6 video to the public. He made that agreement in January 2023 and never released it. That was almost a year ago. That was one of the reasons why he was removed last month. For Mike Johnson to come in and release the video so quickly, it begs the question, why did McCarthy not release the videos? Was there something in the videos they did not want the public to see? We are going to look at the videos so you can see for yourself. Now they still have not released all the videos, but 40,000 hours is roughly 95% of the videos. Some of it is still being withheld for security reasons. And obviously, no one has had a chance yet to review all of it, but I am going to show you the videos that have surfaced over the last week.

Now the story we have been told from the main stream media was that January 6 was a violent insurrection, where protestors were trying to overthrow the US government. Congress formed the January 6 Committee. That committee issued a report that determined that Donald Trump should be personally charged with the crimes of Conspiracy and Insurrection.

But there was something strange about this committee. When Congress voted on forming the committee in the first place, only two Republicans voted with the Democrats to form the committee, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. Normally when committees are created, both political parties get to choose their own seats on the committee. The Republicans get to choose some people and the Democrats get to choose some. Well, the Republicans put forward five names of people they would like to sit on the Committee. The Speaker of the House at the time was Democrat Nancy Pelosi, and she did something pretty sneaky. She said, “No, I don’t like the Republican submissions.” And she chose to put only two Republicans on the Committee. Guess who? Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. Out of all the possible Republicans, she chose the two that voted with the Democrats. So, the final committee was those two Republicans and seven Democrats. That does not seem very fair. I wonder if the final report from that committee could have been politically biased? What do you think?

Then something else strange happened. The committee was dissolved one month before the Republicans took control of Congress. The Republicans asked to look at the records from the Committee and they were sent this letter. It explains that many of the records were destroyed. It says, “Consistent with guidance from the Office of the Clerk and other authorities, the Select Committee did not archive temporary committee records that were not elevated by the Committee’s actions, such as use in hearings or official publications, or those that did not further its investigative activities.” In other words, they decided what records weren’t important enough to keep, and anything that was not directly in the final report, they threw out. They did not keep any of the recordings of the interviews, or emails sent back and forth from the White House. Anything that could contradict any of the information in the Jan 6 report, has been destroyed. Now, if this report was legitimate and accurate, why destroy the records? That does not make any sense. Without those records, we may never be able to figure out what happened on January 6. And why destroy the communications with the White House? What was the White House telling the committee? That is a little suspicious.

But now we have this new video footage. The question is, does it contradict anything that we were told by the January 6 committee?

Here is video from inside the Capitol. (1) You can see the protestors walking through the hallway. Now if I am seeing this correctly, the cops are just standing there letting everyone walk by. Here is my question to you, do these look like violent protestors trying to overthrow the government? If they were, why are the cops standing there doing nothing? Wouldn’t the cops be trying to stop the overthrow of the government? Could it actually be the case that they were not trying to overthrow the government? Here is another angle. (2) Now to me, this actually looks like a peaceful protest.

Here is outside the capitol. (3) This is a cop, waving protestors to come into the Capitol. They were told by this cop to come in. Here is a pair of cops leading protestors through the doors into the Capitol. (4) Now just remember, the January 6 committee claims these protestors are trying to overthrow the government. Shouldn’t the cops be trying to stop them? Why are the cops leading them? Here is an example of police officers holding doors open for people. (5) Many of the protestors have been criminally charged with trespassing. But how could they be trespassing when they were told to come inside?

Now if these videos have not made you start to question what really happened on January 6, watch this video. This is a video of a cop telling protestors it is okay for them to be there. (6) So, there is a clear agreement between this cop and the protestors, and then you hear this gentleman with horns on his head telling everyone to remain peaceful. Specifically he says, “We have the right to peacefully assemble.” Their state of mind is really important here from a legal standpoint. The January 6 committee claimed that these people were involved in a criminal insurrection led by Donald Trump. So, the January 6 committee is claiming that their intention was to overthrow the government. I think it is pretty clear from this video evidence that their state of mind was that they were there to peacefully protest. It turns out that they were not there to overthrow the government. This video directly contradicts what the January 6 committee said.

This next video is the most shocking of them all. (7) We see more protestors filing through the capitol. But do you see what is happening? This protestor noticed that a stand has been knocked over. Now, I don’t know if you can see what this is, but it is one of those stands with plastic bags to hold people’s umbrellas. He takes the time to pick up the umbrella stand, and put the bags back on it. That is an incredible level of respect for the Capitol building. Now let me ask you a question. If someone was trying to overthrow the government, would they stop to pick up an umbrella stand? What do you think? Or is it more likely that these are people truly care about their country and are peacefully protesting?

I cannot emphasize this enough. There is so much footage like this. Here is video of protestors right inside the entrance. (8) They are just standing around with all of the cops. There is no effort at all from these cops to stop them. Here is a video of a cop shaking the hand of a protestor and patting another one on the back. (9) Now, if there were people trying to overthrow the government, would cops be walking down the halls shaking people’s hands? Or is it possible that we have been told a lie by the January 6 committee?

Then the videos start to get more disturbing. (10) These are the protestors outside the building trying to get inside. Just so you understand what you are seeing here. These are security doors. They are made of solid brass, magnetically sealed, and weigh 10 tons each. No protestors could get through these doors. What we are seeing from this video, is that someone opened the magnetic locks from the inside. Who opened the doors? And how were any of these people trespassing when someone let them in?

Then we get this video. (11) This is a cop explaining that he is going to “go undercover as antifa in the crowd.” It looks like they are distributing some kind of liquid in case they get sprayed by pepper spray. This video raises a lot of questions. First it is clear confirmation that there were undercover cops in the crowd. This particular cop is pretending to be antifa, and he is planning on doing something that will get him sprayed. Are the cops going undercover to commit violence? So, on one hand, we have the protestors on camera saying their intention is peaceful, and on the other hand, we have the cops on camera saying their intention is violence. Not only that, the cops are preparing ahead of time to use violence against the protestors.

We actually have video of this playing out. (12) Here is a video of someone dressed as antifa breaking windows at the capitol. And then we see him stopped by a man wearing a maga hat. Now I am going to play the audio. What you hear is the crowd shouting at the antifa person to stop, and then cheering when the man in the maga hat stops him from committing violence.

It would be interesting to find out, was this person dressed as antifa actually an undercover cop? In fact, how many undercover cops were out there? And what were they doing?

In fact, here is another video. (13) we can see the cops bring someone in who is zip tied. We see the cops take the zip ties off, and then give the person a fist bump. This is clearly a staged arrest. This is an undercover cop. This also tells us something else, for this person to be zip tied, that means he was somehow involved in violence. Now Christopher Wray, the head of the FBI, has admitted they had people working for them in the crowd, but he has always said the undercover cops were just standing in the background kindof observing. But that is not what this video shows. This guy was not observing. If he was zip tied, that means he was actively involved. This is looking more and more like a setup.

But the videos get even more shocking, because what they show is extreme violence by the police against the protestors. This really surprised me. Because the January 6 committee told us that it was the protestors that were violent against the police. Let me show you these videos, and you tell me what you see. (14)

They are shooting into the crowds. They are firing on their fellow Americans. They are throwing explosives into the crowds. Why didn’t the January 6 committee show us any of the footage of the cops attacking the crowd? How many of these explosives did they throw? This is a cop pushing a protestor off a ledge.

Here is an elderly woman who was pushed by the cops down the stairs. (19)

The Department of Justice has written rules on when police should use force. Rule 1-16.100 explains that an officer’s decision to use force is based on “whether the suspect poses an immediate threat to the safety of the officer or others.” And they should only use deadly force when “the subject of such force poses an imminent danger of death or serious physical injury to the officer or to another person.” So, police are obligated to stop and think about these things before they use force.

Now, look at the video. Are these protestors posing an immediate threat to these cops? It does not look like it to me.

This police violence actually changes the story about what happened. Like the man in the video said, nothing would have happened if the police had not started throwing the grenades into the crowd.

Now look at this footage. This has been sped up. You can see the line of the crowd is staying peaceful, until the grenades start exploding in the crowd. The only reason the crowd surges forward is to get away from the grenades. That is why they pushed forward. It is like the police is encouraging the crowd to move forward based on where they are targeting their weapons. If they wanted the crowd to move back why didn’t they fire their weapons in front of the crowd instead of into the middle of the crowd?

But also, at the same time, the police retreated from their position allowing the crowd to move forward. This is body cam footage that happened at the exact same time. You see the cops preparing to fire into the crowd. Remember, cops are only supposed to use force when there is an immediate threat to safety of the officer or others. Does it look like there is an immediate threat here? Then the cop fires a smoke grenade into their own men. They fired on themselves, and had to retreat back from the line to get away from the tear gas. That is why there was no one holding the crowd back anymore.

Now let us keep this in context. There were two beaches of security lines around the capitol. The grenades occurred shortly after the second breach. Both breaches involved someone named Ray Epps. Here is the first breach. The man in the red hat is someone named Ryan Samsel. Ray Epps whispers something into his ear and immediately Ryan pushes through the barricade. Now it has always been a question, “what did Ray Epps whisper into Ryan’s ear?”

Now, I am going to play for you, in his own words, what Ray Epps claims he whispered into Ryan Samsel’s ear. “As closely as you can remember, what exactly did you say to him.” “Dude, we’re not here for that. The police aren’t the enemy. Something like that.” Now, that makes absolutely no sense, because why would saying that prompt Ryan to break through the barrier? We have never heard Ryan’s explanation, until now.

A few months ago, Ryan Samsel called a reporter from prison, and explained what Ray Epps said into his ear. He claims Ray Epps told him, “I got people who are waiting til more people come. We got to go into the building.” Now that makes more sense given what we see in the video. Ryan Samsel has been locked in prison this entire time. Ray Epps has not spent a day in prison. Why the unequal treatment? Ryan Samsel is giving first hand testimony that Ray Epps directed him to breach the barriers. This is the moment, with Ray Epps’ orders, that could have started the entire Jan 6 incident.

Then Ray Epps was at the second breach. This happened right before the police launched grenades into the crowd, pushing the crowd forward. What is going on here? Why is Ryan Samsel in prison and Ray Epps is not? I am not going to get into all the details about Ray Epps. I have a whole other video on my channel if you want to know more about him. But it seems likely that Ray Epps was working in some capacity for the government to instigate January 6, just like the video we saw of the undercover cop giving a fist bump.

After considerable outrage from the public, Ray Epps has been charged with “disorderly conduct.” Ray Epps arranged a deal with the prosecution. He has pled guilty, and we will find out his sentence at his hearing next month in December.

The violence continued. (16) Here is a woman, Victoria White, being beaten bloody by the cops. You can hear a protestor calling out in the background, “Please don’t beat her! You’re going to kill her.” Now compare this to the footage that was previously released by the January 6 committee. This tells a shockingly different story.  Victoria White was sentenced last week for her actions on January 6. She was charged with “interfering with law enforcement.” What part was interfering? You mean when her face was bashed in? She was sentenced to 10 days in prison, 3 months of home confinement, and 2 years of supervised release. No punishment was given to these cops.

Ashli Babbit was a protestor who was killed on January 6. She was shot by one of the cops. Ashli Babbit was unarmed. Remember, cops are only allowed to use deadly force, when the other person poses an imminent danger of death. Now look at this photo of this 35 year old woman. If this unarmed woman walked toward you, would that create an imminent danger of your death. Here is video of the cops carrying away Ashli Babbit’s dead body with her blood on the floor. (17) The other protestors cannot believe the police just shot her. The officer that shot Ashli Babbit is named Michael Byrd. After the incident, he received a promotion to police captain.

Between Ashli Babbit and Victoria White, I wonder why these cops kept deciding to attack unarmed woman? Why would they do that?

Four people died on January 6, all Trump supporters. Ashli Babbit was shot by the police. One protestor died of a stroke, another of a heart attack, and one was crushed to death by the crowd. The woman who was crushed to death was named Rosanne Boyland. The DC police formally announced that her death was not by crushing, but because she overdosed on amphetamines. What was the specific drug? A prescription drug she was taking called Adderall. This is the cause of death that has been printed in all the newspapers. I think these reporters should be ashamed of themselves. Is it even possible to overdose on Adderall? I looked it up. You would have to ingest around 75 times your normal daily prescription in order to overdose. That is like whole pill bottle of more than two months worth of pills. The point is that it is extremely difficult to overdose on Adderall. Why would she do that in a middle of a protest?

This explanation especially makes no sense when this video footage was released. (18) This shows Rosanne Boyland was crushed by the police pushing against the protestors. Then when she was lying on the ground unconscious, a police officer begins hitting her multiple times with a stick. If Rosanne was dying from an overdose, why would the police hit her with a stick? And why do the police keep attacking these unarmed women? Rosanne was hit with the stick once in the ribs and twice in the head while she was on the ground unconscious. How much do you want to bet she did not die from an Adderall overdose? You’ve now seen the video. What do you think?

It is important to note that no police were killed on January 6. The January 6 committee has claimed that police were killed because of January 6, but if you look at the details of those police officers, they died in the following days for various reasons. No police died on January 6.

What have we learned so far? Just from the video I have shown you, we have seen the protestors behaving peacefully, undercover cops participating in the protests, the cops encouraging protestors to come into the Capitol, and the cops being violent against the protestors. This is a completely different story than what the January 6 committee told us. That committee released a few minutes of footage. But the 40,000 hours of footage shows what I have been showing you… Video evidence of peaceful protestors. It looks like this new evidence completely contradicts the report from the January 6 committee.

This becomes really sinister, because that means the January 6 committee saw all of this video, and intentionally hid it from the American people. They lied to you, and have destroyed countless lives in the process. And it looks like they did it for political reasons… to get Trump.

Let us talk about what has happened to these protestors. More than 1,000 people have been arrested for January 6. They are all being charged in DC, which voted 92% Democrat in the last Presidential election. 92%. These protestors are not getting a jury of their peers. And anyone who has asked to change the venue, has been denied. 11 judges have denied motions to change venue in 15 rulings in 14 criminal cases, when it is obvious that these juries are biased in cases that are political in nature. The sixth amendment of the constitution gives Americans “the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed.” These cases have not been speedy or impartial. If there is no way these defendants can get an impartial jury, they should be moved out of state. And I am sorry, but these Defendants are not receiving their constitutional right to a speedy trial, if Jan 6 happened almost three years ago.

Remember Ryan Samsel. He just passed over 1,000 days in prison. He has been put into solitary confinement. He has been beaten by the guards multiple times. This is a photograph of Ryan from his first year in prison. He lost 50 lbs, and you can see the bruises from the third time he was beaten by the guards.

The prosecution is using this as a tactic. Prisoners are given a choice. They can either plead guilty, or remain in prison indefinitely waiting for a trial while they are beaten by the guards. This is torture. This is exactly what the constitution was written to prevent. These protestors are being held indefinitely without a trial. Why don’t we let these people out on bail? They can wait for trial at home. The prosecutors are keeping them in prison, to torture them, and force them to plead guilty.

Here is another prisoner, who has also just passed 1,000 days in prison. His name is John Mellis. John spent a year in solitary confinement and 35 days in what is called “the hole.” Here is a photo showing the conditions of the jail he lives in. This is the water that comes out of the faucet in his cell. He has to drink this brown water.

John Mellis faces the same unfair process as the other January 6 prisoners. The prosecution has this photo of John holding a stick during January 6. The cops are prepared to testify that John threatened to hit them with this stick. Now there are no cops in this photo. It looks to me like he is raising this stick in celebration, not violence. Here is another photo of John with a walking stick, so he clearly uses on a regular basis to help him walk. But John is facing a jury of 90% Democrats who want to put him in jail. Since John has limited options and is tired of drinking the brown water in his cell, a few months ago, John pled guilty.

Now, wait a minute. Does this stick look familiar? It should. This is the same stick that the police officer was using to beat Rosanne Boyland, the protestor who died. So, it looks like this police officer took the stick away from John Mellis and then used it as a weapon against the protestors. Is it possible, that the entire case against John Mellis is an attempt to cover up that the police killed Rosanne Boyland with his stick?

The harassment of the Jan 6 prisoners also extends to their friends and families. Their family members who were not even in Washinton DC on Jan 6 are also being investigated by the FBI and put on terrorist watch lists. Here is a photograph of an 8-week old baby. This is the child of January 6 defendant AJ Fischer. Al Fischer’s crime on Jan 6 is allegedly that he “pushed against the officers.” For this crime, Al’s entire family is on the terrorist watch list. When his family tried to fly this holiday season, their tickets were labeled “SSSS” for “Suspected Domestic Terrorist.” This baby had to be searched at the airport as a terrorist.

What is going on here? These are fellow Americans. What is happening to these prisoners is wrong. It is not fair. It is not just. And it is not right. The 44,000 hours of new video footage, tells me that the January 6 committee was wrong and intentionally misled the American people. These prisoners were doing what every American should have the right to do. Go to the Capitol to peacefully protest corrupt politicians. Instead, they were attacked by the police. There were undercover cops in the crowd. And the January 6 committee destroyed all the evidence of what actually happened.

In my opinion, the January 6 prisoners need to be released. Every one of them. Are you aware that at 9pm every day they sing the national anthem. When they get to the lyric “That our flag was,” they shout the last two words, “STILL THERE!”” These are people who love our country. What is happening is not right.

We are entering the holiday season. Many of you are spending time at home with your friends and family. Just remember that there are people sitting in a prison cell that cannot come home. If you were to ask me what I want for Christmas, I would say, “What I want is for the January 6 prisoners to be released so that they could spend Christmas with their families. That is all I want.”


Full archive of released footage

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(2) Peaceful walking

(3) Police officer waving people to go inside the capitol

(4) Crowd being led by cops through doors

(5) Police holding door for protestors

(6) Police say it is okay for them to be there

(7) Fixes umbrella stand

(8) In hallway standing together (protestors and cops)

(9) Cop shakes hand of protestor

(10) Someone opened the doors

(11) Going undercover as antifa in the crowd

(12) Trump supporters stop antifa from breaking a window

(13) Fist bump

(14) Violence by police

Cop who pushed supporter off ledge

(15) Crowd breach police after smoke grenades

(16) Police beating woman

(17) Dragging Ashli Babbit’s body

(18) Rosanne Boyland death

(19) Woman pushed down stairs

Department of Justice rules on use of force

Justice Department summary of convictions for Jan 6

Victoria White sentence

Michael Byrd’s promotion

Ray Epps at the first breach

Request to change venue denied’s-vowed-change-of-venue-motion-in-his-jan.-6-case-is-dead-on-arrival

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