What the Holidays Teaches You About Business

In this video, I am going to be telling you about a problem you have that you probably do not even realize. And it has to do with the holidays. WATCH NOW

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There is a problem that 95% of business people have. They are very bad at giving. You watching this video right now probably have this problem, and it is holding you back from success.

Here is what happens. Business people spend all day long thinking “How do I make money?” And you ask yourself this question over and over again in your mind. It ends up locking your mind into a pattern of only thinking about getting money. You stop thinking about how to give your money away.

This pattern of only thinking about getting money is very unhealthy, and also a bad way to approach life. There is a Buddhist quote that says “Give, even if you only have a little.” (The Buddha, Dhammapada verse 224). There is a lot of wisdom in this quote. I encourage business people, every once in a while, to switch from thinking all day long about “How do I make money?” to thinking about this quote from The Buddha.

We are currently in the Holiday season. It is a Holiday about giving. This season really puts a spotlight on this problem that so many business people have. There is a famous story written by Charles Dickens called “A Christmas Carol.” The main character in the story is called Ebenezer Scrooge. He is the embodiment of the selfish, greedy business person. He treats the people around him horribly, and he does not even realize it. Over the course of the story, he learns the lesson on how to give. He learns the lesson of Christmas. In the final chapter, he makes a large donation to charity. He gives his workers a raise. He starts treating people with generosity and compassion.

Let me explain why it is so important that you learn this lesson. If you get stuck in the pattern of always thinking about making money, other people notice that. When you talk with people, people can tell you are a Scrooge. You probably do not like thinking about yourself like that, but it is true. You are Scrooge. No one is going to want to follow you, work for you, or go out of their way for you. Because it is obvious that you only care about yourself. If you want to become a successful business leader you need to take care of your community. You need to be able to make money, but you also need to be able to give money back.

Here is what I recommend everybody do. Every single paycheck you receive, give some money to charity. Every single paycheck. Just try it. On your next paycheck, give some money away. If you find that difficult, you have a problem. You are a Scrooge. Giving money away should be a healthy part of your financial life. And you do not have to give all your money away, but you can give something. I know that some people do not make a lot of money. You can still give something. Everyone can afford at least $5 a paycheck. Because one day, you will make more money, and you do not want to be stuck in a selfish mindset.

And just to be clear donations cannot be giving money to your family, or your child’s college fund, or the non-profit that you own as a tax shelter. You need to give it away to a non-profit where you get nothing back in return.

Let me show you exactly how you do it. Here is a website for a non-profit I have worked a lot with in the past. MVcommunityofhope.org . I will leave a link in the description box down below. This is a homeless shelter in Southern New Mexico. I have done a lot of research into this organization. I have personally met the Executive Director. I am very impressed with the work they do. Homelessness is a huge problem in America today. It is actually a problem we can solve, but we have to give. $5 may not seem like a lot of money to you, but it is a lot for someone who does not have a home on Christmas.

You go to “how can I help?” And then select “Donate.” You can click here, put in your credit card information, and donate directly online. Then they will mail you paperwork at the end of the year so you can take a deduction on your taxes. Every non-profit has a website like this. You do not have to donate at this one. But find something. You can donate at any non-profit that is meaningful to you.

Historically, people would give 10% of their income to the church, and churches would provide a lot of these community services. Nowadays, there is a lot of great non-profit organizations to choose from. I would encourage you this holiday season to find one where you can give some money out of every single paycheck.

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