The Conclusion (Core Concepts of Finance)

This is the final episode in my video series on the Core Concepts of Finance. I am so excited to make this video. Check it out…


This is the final video in my video series on the “Core Concepts of Finance.” So it has taken me one year, and I have uploaded six hours of video content to YouTube. These are short videos (about 10 minutes each) that discuss the major theoretical ideas behind the study of Finance. My goal here was to just provide a general overview of Finance. So if you were to go get a college degree in Finance, you would go into all these ideas more in depth. And please realize, I am just scratching the surface of what is here. For each individual video, you could spend an entire career studying just the topic. So if any of those videos really intrigued you, you can research it more and go so much more in depth.

This is the final video in that video series. So you can find the whole list of videos on my YouTube channel, and it is also listed out on my website

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Now just because this is the end of this video series, does not mean I’m going to stop putting out videos. I put out a new video every week. So if you are not subscribed to this channel, click on the subscribe button below, and come back every week. Because I have some really incredible videos planned that are coming up. I will be talking about Corporate Finance, and Accounting, and Business. So thank you for watching. I think you can probably tell, I really enjoyed doing this. I really enjoy talking about Finance. So I hope you enjoyed it, subscribe, and come back for the video next week.

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