Introduction to the Core Concepts of Finance

This is the beginning of a video series on the Core Concepts of Finance!


Welcome to this video series on the core concepts of finance. My name is Zach De Gregorio and I put this video series together as a kind of introductory series of classes on finance. Finance is a complicated subject area. There are all these different topics like interest rates, stocks, bonds, currency transactions, valuation, and financial derivatives. But at the base of everything is a set of core concepts and those core concepts are what we’re going to be talking about. The reason why I am making this video series is that I run into a lot of business people that may be unclear about some of these financial ideas. I have seen that often people can get scared off from finance classes. The textbooks are confusing, there is a lot of math, and things seem overly complicated. I wanted to make some of these ideas accessible because they’re very powerful no matter what area of business you’re in. I’d like to make a clarification before we get started. This video series is not going to provide a system for how to invest in the stock market, and I am not going to provide any get rich quick schemes. There are lots of other places out there on the internet where you can get that kind of content. What this video series is about is an exploration of the intellectual ideas that underlie everything in finance. So I would like to thank you for watching. This is a topic that I love to talk about so I hope you enjoy.

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