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Last week, thousands of participants met for the World Economic Forum 2022 in Davos, Switzerland. This is an annual conference where the richest people in the world meet to discuss global initiatives. Since a lot of the global elite, like Bill Gates and George Soros, have become aligned with the democrat party, this event has received a lot of criticism from Rightwing conservatives. But it turns out that this party in Davos is attended equally by both Republicans and Democrats. Here is the list from the World Economic Forum website of US politicians who confirmed their attendance at the World Economic Forum. You can see it is both Republicans and Democrats.

Rightwing conservatives are not the only people to criticize this conference. Bernie Sanders, who is very liberal, tweeted out: “The oligarchs in Davos party, the poor suffer. While 260 million people throughout the world will likely be pushed into extreme poverty this year – trying to survive on less than $2 a day – over 2,000 billionaires across the globe became $3.78 trillion richer during the pandemic.”

So, what is going on at this event? Is everyone getting worked up over nothing? Well, I decided to do some snooping around for you, and I was shocked at what I found.

A lot of the discussion the global elite are having is videotaped and posted on the website for the World Economic Forum. So, you can watch all of this for yourselves. There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there. I wanted to be careful I didn’t mischaracterize what people are saying or take things out of context. I want to stick with the facts. So, I am going to show you what people are saying in their own words. These are a few examples of what the global elite think about you.

The first example I am going to show you is Kjerstin Braathen. I apologize if I am mispronouncing the name. She is the CEO of Norway’s largest financial services group. This is Kjerstin talking on a panel discussing climate change.

Let me explain for you what she is saying. Her bank is going to start monitoring businesses on their political stances for things like climate change. And if you do not agree with a certain political agenda, you will not get a bank loan.

I find this outrageous. Managing a bank is an important responsibility. Banks are supposed to take on the responsibility of providing access to capital for your community. It is horrifying to hear that a bank will be cutting of access to capital markets because of people’s political beliefs.

And before you think, “oh, that’s just Norway.” This is already happening in the US.

One recent story we have all heard about is that Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and SpaceX, recently put out a public bid to purchase Twitter. The leftist movement in America has been outraged, because they are afraid that Elon Musk will allow more free speech on Twitter. For instance, Elon Musk might lift the social media ban on former President Trump. As soon as Elon announced his purchase of Twitter, Tesla stock was dropped from the S&P 500 ESG Index. In case you do not know, S&P is a ratings agency. They put out a list called the ESG Index. ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance indexes. This is a list of companies they deem to be socially responsible. Just to be clear, the oil company Exxon Mobil is still included on the ESG index. It seems a little ridiculous that an oil company is considered environmentally responsible, but the electric car company, Tesla, is not. It seems pretty clear that Elon was removed, because S&P did not like his politics.

Before I get distracted, let us move on to the next example from the World Economic Forum. The next person is Julie Grant. She is Australia’s eSafety Commissioner. I am not entirely sure how Australia’s government works, but it seems like she is a police force for speech on the internet for Australia. She describes her work as primarily removing things off the internet like illegal explicit imagery or violent threats. But it seems from what she is saying that she is trying to increase her own power. This is what she says.


We need to recalibrate free speech? I don’t know about you, but I don’t need my speech recalibrated. This is especially concerning after all the brutal lockdowns that we all watched in Australia during the pandemic.

The next example is J Michael Evans. He is president of the Alibaba Group (which is essentially the Amazon of China). He is on another panel talking about climate change.


It is funny how all these conversations about climate change all have to do with us giving the global elite more power. Out of all the things we can do to save the planet, isn’t it funny that the option they want is the one that takes away your privacy? Of course, what he is proposing is instituting the brutal government controls that China has been using on its people during the pandemic to monitor and lock down anyone who steps out of line.

So, these are three examples that show what the global elites at this conference want. They want to:

  1. Control your money
  2. Control your speech
  3. Control your privacy

Are these people crazy? I want to know how these people got their money, because it doesn’t seem like they know anything about business.

There are so many business studies that show people are more productive when they are free and happy. A study out of Oxford in 2019 showed that happy workers are 15% more productive. A dissertation from Miami University showed that excessive monitoring makes employees less productive. That is why micro-managing people does not work.

There is study after study that confirms these findings. And it is something we all inherently understand. If you are free and happy at work, you are going to work harder. If you are treated like a prisoner, you are going to do the bare minimum.

Further evidence of this, is something we see happening in China right now. The Guardian reported last week that there is a phrase that has been trending lately among Chinese youth. “Bai lan.” This translates to “Let it rot.” Chinese young people are fed up with government corruption, lack of freedom, lack of opportunity, and a crumbling economy. And they are giving up. They are saying “Bai lan,” let it rot. If you act like China, and crack down on your citizens, they are going to give up. The countries that do not act like China, and allows their citizens to be free, are going to outperform.

Something I always talk about is that history has taught us that the free flow of capital markets creates the greatest economic prosperity for everyone. So, why are the global elite in Davos saying the opposite. Why are they preaching for control of your money, control of your speech and excessive monitoring? Maybe it is because that recently, they easiest way to get rich is to lock everyone down and steal everyone’s money.

There was a recent report released by Oxfam on income inequality. Oxfam is a global nonprofit that deals with issues like poverty, hunger, and human rights. You need to be careful with their reports, because they have their own agenda. But this report has some interesting statistics. They find that because of COVID-19, the wealth of the 10 richest men in the world has doubled, while incomes of 99% of humanity are worse off. So, the pandemic was really, really good for the super-rich. Their wealth as doubled! At the same time, the rest of us are struggling.

Let me show you something else that confirms this. Forbes publishes a list of billionaires. You can go to their website, and if you look at the net worth of any of the billionaire in the healthcare industry, their wealth skyrockets over the last two years. The people in healthcare became incredibly rich from the pandemic. What happened to all of us being in this together? Because it seems like these rich people are in it for themselves. I hope people start seeing the World Economic Forum for what it is, a group of rich people lobbying for their own interests. And I hope that people stop paying attention to what they have to say, and instead, vote for leaders that will look out for US interests, not the globalists.

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