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In this video, I will be sharing some leadership advice that has helped me a lot in my career… Watch now!

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If you are in the business world, and you are a high performer, at some point you will find yourself in a leadership position. You will find that leadership positions come along with all sorts of complex and challenging problems. So I wanted to make a short video this week on leadership and share a piece of advice that has helped me a lot in my career. Out of everything I have read and studied on leadership, this is the best piece of advice I have found.

I cannot take credit for this. I actually heard this in a speech I went to by a General in the U.S. Military. If you know anything about the military, Generals are leaders over a large group of people. I am a little embarrassed, because I cannot remember what his name was. So I cannot even give him credit for this. I really thank him, because this is a great idea.

He was giving a talk about what makes a great leader. He had the audience do an experiment. He said, “Think about all the bosses you have had in your life, whether they are your manager or the head of the company. Take all those leaders and line them up in your mind. Now go through and think about all those leaders, and remember what things you liked about them and what you did not like about them.” His advice was, “Leadership is simple. Do the things you like. Do not do the things you do not like.”

Leadership is simple. If you have worked in any kind of business, you have had a manager. You know the difference between a good manager and a bad manager. In my experience, the best leaders I have worked with treat others with respect, listen to their employees, are ethical, and stand up for their people. The bad leaders are mean and nasty to their employees, they are unethical, and they are selfish. You will see leaders that fall all along this spectrum.

When you are working in a company and you are working for a boss, you should be watching them and learning. What are the things they do you like, and what are the things they do you do not like. Because one day you will be the leader yourself, and everyone will be relying on you. Be the great leader that everyone is looking for, and you already know how to do it. Do all the things that you have seen great leaders do. Do not do the things bad leaders do.

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