The ULTIMATE Business Mind Hack (Lists)

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We are almost to the New Year, and it is the time when people are thinking about new positive habits they can start for the New Year. So I thought it would be fun this week to talk about the ultimate business mind hack.

Mind Hacking has become a popular trend recently. The general idea is there are techniques you can do to trick your mind and increase your productivity. This could be stopping negative behaviors like craving for junk food or smoking. Or it could be ways to increase your confidence, and improve your dating life.

The Mind Hack

When I think about the business world, there is an ultimate mind hack that can increase your productivity. The mind hack is:

Stop being lazy.

This seems silly, but this is actually a deep idea. At the end of this video, I am going to give you a helpful tip to address this, but before we get to that, I want to talk about the concept of what is going on.

Why it Works

You need to realize that everyone is lazy. Laziness is your default state. Whenever I have this conversation with people, there first reaction is, “I am not lazy. Everyone else is lazy.” But that is ridiculous. The reality is that everyone’s default state is lazy. I am lazy. You are lazy. Everyone is lazy. When you can admit that, then you can start taking action to change.

Why do I say that everyone is lazy? Your body and mind are designed to conserve energy. That is how humanity has survived all these years. You are always looking for the greatest benefit for the least amount of work. By definition, that is laziness. I do not want to label this as a bad thing, because there are benefits to conserving energy. The problem is that life needs to be a balance between conserving energy and growing. If you conserve energy all the time, you never get anything done, and life passes you by.

The Business Connection

You can understand all of business within the concept of laziness. Business only works because we are all lazy. The reason you give money to a company is because you want them to do the work, not you. If you are buying an iphone from Apple, it is because it is less work for you to give them money to build an iphone, than it is for you to do the work to build the iphone yourself. All the people we are giving money to in our lives, is so they will do work for us. It is because of laziness.

Laziness is not a bad thing, because more value is being created. There is value in Apple building the iphone instead of you. However, the secret to success is hidden in this example. Money is flowing from the lazy person, to the person doing the work. Money flows to areas of high productivity. So the key to success is not to be lazy.

Your success in business depends on you conquering this mind hack. If you can be just a little less lazy than everyone around you, you are going to be fine in life, because people will give you money to do the work. You should be looking at everyone around you in your life, and you should be the hardest working person out of everyone you know. If that is true, you are on the pathway to success.

A Practical Trick

The trick is to switch your default state from laziness over to growth. How do you do that? I want to give you a simple tip you can start using today. This is something that does not cost you any money, is super easy, and can super charge your productivity.

Start keeping lists.

This is such a powerful technique, and there are many different ways you can do this. The simplest way is to just keep a piece of paper and pen handy at all times, so whenever you have an idea to do something that can improve your life, you jot it down on your list. Then when you have some free time, you do not even have to think about what to do. You have your options right in front of you. Even if they are simple things, write them down. Then as you accomplish those tasks you can cross them off. Your life accumulates all these completed tasks.

Real Life Application

This is something a lot of successful business people do. People have really complicated methods of keeping lists. There is software you can use for your lists. You can keep them on your phone. You can create bullet journals. But if you are just starting out, just try something really simple like a piece of paper. I keep a list at work and a list at home, so I can always keep track of my priority tasks.

Here is how it works. If you are sitting at home and you notice that laziness is taking over your life, pull out your list and do something to keep your life on the growth path. If you catch yourself binge watching Netflix for three hours, take a look at the list that is sitting on your coffee table. See if there is something on that list that you can quickly accomplish and cross off. The more of these growth tasks you can do, the better your life will become. This trick is switching your mindset from one of laziness to one of growth.

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