The Greatest Sales Technique

Do you want to increase your sales? In today’s video, I am going to be sharing with you the greatest sales technique. Now in full disclosure, I am not a sales person. I am an accountant. But I am making this video, because this is a technique that nobody talks about and I have seen it transform businesses. So we are going to walk through this technique and explain why it works from a financial perspective. Watch now!

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Are you ready for the greatest sales technique?… Whisper. I realize this is going to be a controversial video, because if you listen to every sales guru that is out in the business world today, they will tell you the exact opposite. Their advice is to yell as loud as possible. Sales in the business world today is that you should yell and scream, and try to grab everyone’s attention. I want to suggest another approach… Whisper.

What am I talking about here? There are two steps to this: 1) Write a clear, concise value proposition 2) whisper it to everyone you can. Now it is very convenient we just finished the Business Strategy Bootcamp, so you should already have step 1 ready to go. What this approach is doing is raising the importance of strategic planning as an integral part to the sales process. Most sales gurus focus on the sales process and knocking on doors and getting in front of as many faces as possible. But none of that matters if you do not have a good strategy in the first place. If all you are going to do is whisper, you have to have a strong strategy.

Your goal in sales should be to have a value proposition that is so strong, so compelling that the sales come to you. You should be able to whisper the benefits of your product and have it spread like a virus through the business landscape. That shows that you have a good sales strategy.

Why does this work? People hate the sales process. People hate going to buy a car, because they do not like the process of being sold to. But people do like getting value in their lives. So if you have this message of “I am going to give you value. I am going to give you value,” and you keep putting that out into the world, people will find you.

I look at things from a financial perspective. When investors are analyzing a stock, they do not look at the sales process. The sales process can always be improved with best practices. Investors evaluate the value proposition. How is this business serving their customer niche in the market? From an economic perspective, money will flow to areas of value creation. So if you have a strong value proposition, all you have to do go around and whisper it to everyone you know.

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