The Best Time Management Apps (Clockify, Outlook, Google calendar)

This week I wanted to give you the specific programs that I use for time management. None of these companies are sponsors, these are just the things I actually use. WATCH NOW






Time management is so important if you want to be a high performer. Everyone is different, so you are going to need to find the programs that you feel the most comfortable with. I hope by sharing the programs I use that it will give you some ideas to try out.

First, I want to start with an important concept. Keep your personal and work information separate. This means separate calendars, separate computers, separate emails, and separate phones. This might seem like an extra hassle, but there are a lot of reasons to keep your work life and personal life as separate as possible. This keeps you from mixing your business and personal information together, and helps to create space between your business and personal life. Just think about the situation if you sell your business down the line, it is difficult if all your personal information is combined with your business information. It is a mess, so keep everything separate.

So here are the different things I do to manage my time:

  • Daily dream journal
  • Calendar
  • To-do list
  • Time card
  • Annual strategic plan

The goal here is to have a regular system you use every day to manage your time and to keep you on track towards your goals and dreams. If you use these tools on a regular basis, it will give you more control and freedom in your life. The goal is not to jam every minute of the day with work. The goal is to schedule your day so you are living your dream life. If you are new to time management, this might seem excessive to you, and when you first start doing this it will take a lot of time. But once you get used to making this part of your daily routine, keeping up with all these does not actually take very much time. I will go through each item briefly and explain the programs I use.

  • Daily dream journal. This is something I do every morning. I use a pen and a notebook. And I will daydream for 15-30 minutes in the morning, usually while I am having a cup of coffee. You could do this on your computer, but I feel like writing makes it more creative and free flowing. I don’t have to write every morning. Sometimes I will just read the journal, or I might watch a YouTube video on something I am dreaming about lately. If you do this every morning, it energizes you for the rest of your day, because it makes you realize that you are working towards your dreams.
  • Calendar. For personal appointments, I use google calendar. For work appointments, I use an Outlook calendar. And this is a helpful planning tool to schedule your time throughout the week.
  • To-do list. It is very helpful to have a place to keep a running list of things to do. For personal items, I keep a list in Excel, and for work I use tasks in Outlook. Something I find very helpful is I do a full review of my to-do list every Sunday night. I set aside 30 minutes to review what I accomplished the previous week, what I want to accomplish the next week, and any worries or items to celebrate. If there is something that has been stressing me out, I will write it down, and it will remind me to tackle it during the week and remove that stress from my life.
  • Time card. Last week I explained that I track my time on a time card from the minute I wake up to the time I go to bed. I use a free program called Clockify, that you can access online and on your phone. You just click the time clock every time you start a new activity. And I find I switch to a new activity every 1-2 hours.
  • Annual strategic plan. This is what makes the magic happen. At the start of every year, I write down my strategic goals for the year. I use PowerPoint and put them into a slide presentation. Then everything you are spending your time on throughout the year should be moving you towards those goals. The appointments on your calendar, your to-do list, and your time sheet, should all tell a story about you reaching your dream.

That is my system for time management. And I realize this is a lot for some people. With my personality this is easy for me, because I like to be organized. I enjoy doing all this stuff. For some people it might be more difficult. But if you want to be a high performer in business, you need to find some method of managing your time that works for you.

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