Pfizer Made a Fortune from the Pandemic

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is worth asking the question, “How much money did Pfizer make from COVID?”

Pfizer was one of the major vaccine manufacturers during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was the first vaccine to be approved in the US, and I personally took three shots of the Pfizer vaccine.

More and more people are starting to raise questions about the effectiveness of the vaccine and whether the government made mistakes in their decisions during the pandemic. Let me say up front, that I believe drug companies are good. We want these companies to continue to do medical research and create new treatments. But we should also remain aware of the financial incentives that may not always be in our best interest. No one is talking about the money aspect in the conversation around the vaccines. People do not understand the amount of money that exchanged hands, so let us take a closer look at Pfizer.

It is easy to see how much money Pfizer made from COVID-19. We just look at their financial statements. Here is company revenue from 2020 (before the vaccine) to 2021 (after the vaccine). Pfizer’s 2021 revenue was $81.3B, double the revenue in 2020. So, Pfizer made roughly $40B from COVID-19 in one year. Keep that number in mind. This is an enormous amount of money. Companies typically do not suddenly generate $40B dollars from one year to the next. This is one of the biggest success stories in business of all time. This company somehow took one of the greatest global tragedies and turned it into $40B. And you paid for it. This largely came from your tax dollars. Whether you decided to get the vaccine or not, you still paid for it. To understand how much money this is, $40B is the Gross State Product of the entire state of Wyoming.

When you are dealing with this much money, it is important to realize that Pfizer is a business. They have shareholders. That means, by law, they must make decisions that generate the greatest profit for themselves. They are not here to be philanthropic. They are here to make money, which is what every business should do. So, when Pfizer is giving you medical advice, what they are saying is motivated by profit.

When it came to COVID-19, there were many different options for treatment. For instance, diet and exercise seem to have a positive impact in fighting the virus. But Pfizer’s recommendation during the pandemic just happened to be vaccinations that would make them enormous amounts of money. Promoting diet and exercise would not make them any profit.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla personally received $24.3M in compensation for 2021. That is a 15% increase over the previous year. He is also incentivized to promote the solution that would generate the most profit.

Let us look at members of Congress. Congress passed the bills that paid for the vaccines with your tax dollars. Here is a list of the top companies invested in by members of Congress in 2019, the year before the pandemic. Out of all the potential companies that people could invest in, Pfizer is number five. 48 members of Congress held large investments in Pfizer between $2.6M and $8.3M each. Do you think that affected their decisions? Additionally, Pfizer has given out more than $25M for lobbying for vaccine programs since 2020. All of this means that Congress also has a financial incentive to choose a solution that would make Pfizer more profit.

Pfizer also spends enormous money on advertising. Pfizer was the largest pharmaceutical company to spend on social media ads in 2020, totaling $55M. As we found out from the TwitterFile revelations, Twitter took down tweets discussing a scientific study that showed that natural immunity was superior to vaccine immunity. The tweet was removed upon request from Pfizer board member, Scott Gottlieb. Twitter had a financial incentive from the Pfizer ad dollars to censor its users.

But social media is not the only one benefiting. Pfizer also sponsors major news outlets that also pushed the vaccines during the pandemic. Pfizer sponsors Good Morning America, CBS HealthWatch, Anderson Cooper 360, ABC News Nightline, CNN Tonight, among others. In total, Pfizer spent $1.8B in advertising in 2020. Remember that in total they made $40B in revenue. So, they are paying $1.8B to make $40B.

So now we have Congress, the News Media, Social Media, and Pfizer, all telling everyone to get vaccines. I am not saying the vaccines are bad. We just have to realize there are many options for treatment, and this one option gives these people an incredible financial incentive. As a result, people are not hearing all the information they need to make informed decisions. Let me give you an example.

A 12-year old girl named Maddie de Garay participated in a vaccine trial and has suffered from severe side effects after she received the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. She was normal prior to receiving the vaccine, and now she is in a wheelchair. She developed gastroparesis, nausea and vomiting, erratic blood pressure, memory loss, brain fog, headaches, dizziness, fainting, seizures, verbal and motor tics, menstrual cycle issues, lost feeling from the waist down, lost bowel and bladder control, and at one point needed a feeding tube because she lost her ability to eat. The Vaccine Safety Research Foundation created a 30 second commercial and purchased airtime to run the commercial during “Saturday Night Live” and “Meet the Press” to raise awareness about vaccine side effects before the upcoming FDA advisory committee meeting to review Pfizer data on the COVID vaccine for children. The ad was initially accepted, by then pulled at the last minute with no explanation.

Now you do not have to believe this little girl. You can say that it is all in her head, and people complaining about vaccine side effects are lying. But you have to admit, that the voices of one group of people are being silenced while another groups voices are amplified. And the group who is amplified is making an awful lot of money. Since everyone has a financial incentive to support Pfizer, the information you are receiving might not be in your best interest, but in the best interest of making Pfizer more money. The most recent development from Pfizer is they have started talking about annual booster shots. They are recommending that people receive a new COVID shot every year for the foreseeable future. Conveniently, they are also more than doubling the price of booster shots. I would be interested in the comments below what you think about this. Do you think a yearly COVID shot is in your best interest or in the interest of Pfizer’s future profits? Let me know in the comments down below.










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