Oprah Winfrey’s Success Story

We spend a lot of time talking about money on this channel, and you might be watching this at home and thinking to yourself, “How do I become rich?” It is really helpful to look at examples of other people who have done it. Today we are going to talk about Oprah Winfrey’s success story. Learning how someone else found success, might provide you with some inspiration on how you can make your fortune.

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Oprah Winfrey’s story is so impressive because she came from very humble beginnings and became such a huge success.

Let us start with Oprah’s background:

  • Born into poverty (wore dresses made of potato sacks)
  • Raised by a single mother
  • Molested in childhood
  • Pregnant at 14 and her baby died as an infant
  • Overcame racism and sexism

This is not a situation you think would lead to success. Let us contrast this with her success today:

  • $2.6 Billion Net Worth
  • Richest African American in the world
  • Most influential woman in the world
  • Oprah Winfrey Show aired 25 seasons

This is an incredible life story. The interesting question is “How did this happen? How did she get from where she started to her incredible success?”

Oprah has a huge business empire, consisting of many different businesses. But the center of her success story is the Oprah Winfrey Show. During her time hosting the show, Oprah became a household name. Let us talk a little about the show.

  • The show ran from 1986 to 2011.
  • It was a daytime talk show.
  • It aired week days during the middle of the day for an hour.
  • What a lot of people do not realize is the sheer number of shows that aired. There is a total of 4,561 shows.

When I look at Oprah’s success story, I have one key takeaway. Oprah worked hard. Let me explain how hard she worked. I used to work in the entertainment industry and so I know a little bit about what it takes to put together an hour of television. It takes a lot of work. Oprah was producing five shows a week. If you are producing five shows a week that means you are working seven days a week. When the audience watches the show it seems easy, but it is actually an enormous amount of work to put that together. So Oprah essentially worked seven days a week for twenty five years. That is the secret to her success… Oprah worked hard.

Let me tell you another story. When I first started my career I was actually a production assistant working at an event during the Academy Awards one year, and Oprah was there. This was back when her show was still on the air. It was amazing, because when Oprah walked in the room every head turned to look at her. Everyone in that room knew that if Oprah recommended your product, or said your name it was worth millions of dollars. That shows how much influence she had.

When you start looking at stories of people who have become successful, the interesting thing is most of them leave roadmaps behind. Oprah has been telling her story for years, and she tells you step by step how to duplicate her success. The information on how to get money is right in front of you. The problem is almost nobody wants to do it. People hear the information and say, “I do not want to work seven days a week. That is too hard.”

If you are willing to make the sacrifice, anyone can follow Oprah’s path. I do not care where you are starting from. You can go from absolute poverty, wearing clothes made out of potato sacks, to multi-billionaire. What it takes is working seven days a week for twenty five years.

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