One Year Without Coffee RESULTS

I stopped drinking coffee over a year ago and I am shocked with the results. This is something they do not tell you about in business school, so we are going to cover it here on Wolves and Finance. WATCH NOW










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I do not remember the exact day I stopped drinking coffee. Honestly, I think it’s almost been two years, but it has been at least well over a year. I made a video back when I initially quit, which I will link in the description below. But now that I have had some time to think about what has happened, I wanted to make an update video. The results have been so positive, I wish I did this a long time ago.

I stopped drinking caffeine for health reasons. That means no coffee or caffeinated soda. I still drink de-caf coffee occasionally because I miss the flavor.

I wanted to cover the three biggest changes I have noticed during my journey.

  1. Get past the first 90 days. If you are thinking about quitting caffeine, just be prepared that it takes three months to start seeing the biggest benefits. Some benefits you will see immediately, like the twitchiness and shaking you get from caffeine goes away almost instantly when you stop drinking it. I think scientists say that caffeine exits your body fairly quickly. But you have to realize that your body has to learn how to create its own energy again, and that takes a long time. For the first three months, I was sleepy all the time. It was horrible, and I could barely get through my day. I just wanted to go to sleep every moment. What I experienced, is that after those first three months, I started naturally having high energy again. So if you are going to try to quit caffeine, realize that the first 90 days are critical to get through.
  2. You become smarter at managing your sleep. I realize now, that caffeine was only part of the problem. The other part was I was just getting too little sleep in general. I could decide to stay up late and get lousy sleep, because I knew I could just drink caffeine in the morning to force myself to wake up. But if caffeine is not an option, you are forced to plan to make sure you are getting a healthy amount of sleep. Sleep is really important to keep your body healthy. I realize now, that I was getting such poor amounts of sleep before. One example, was I would often have a cup of coffee in the afternoon. I would be tired from working all day, and the caffeine would give me energy to leave from work and go straight into another activity. But what I do now, is if I am tired after work, I will go home and take a twenty minute nap, before I go out again. So instead of drinking coffee, I am taking a nap. And that is so much healthier for your body.
  3. You can think better without caffeine. This was the biggest shock to me. Some people use caffeine to help them focus to do better on tests. And that’s true to some extent. But what I have found, is that caffeine only helps with a certain type of thinking. Caffeine makes you good at “task” oriented thinking. So, if you have a pre-determined list of things you need to get done, caffeine will help you tune out everything else, so you can focus and get through those tasks as quickly as possible. This would be good if you worked in a factory, where you know exactly what you are doing, and you are just performing tasks. However, caffeine makes you worse at “creative” thinking. This involves deciding whether you should be doing those tasks in the first place. This is almost the opposite of task thinking and requires you to be more relaxed. You do not want to tune out the rest of the world because then you miss the big picture. Since I stopped drinking caffeine, I have found that creative thinking is a lot easier, and creative thinking is what makes you rich.

To emphasize this last point, NASA performed a study in 1995 where they gave spiders different chemicals to see how it would impact their spider webs. Here is the normal spiderweb. Here is a spiderweb on caffeine. My own experience confirms this and makes me wonder if we are doing a bad job in our business communities by encouraging everyone to become addicted to caffeine.

Maybe we would all be healthier and happier if when we got tired, we just took a nap rather than stick chemicals in our body to keep going. Now you might say, “Zach, my life is too crazy. I need caffeine because I have to be alert every second of the day.” I would say that maybe you need to think about restructuring your life in a more healthy way.

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