How To Create a Cover Page for Your Excel Spreadsheet

I wanted to give you a really simple tip that would have a huge impact in your accounting department. Start using cover pages on all your excel spreadsheets. WATCH NOW

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How often have you had this experience. Someone hands you a spreadsheet, and you open it up, and it is just a mess. There are numbers everywhere and random formulas. You cannot figure out what is going on or how you are supposed to use this information.

You should really start thinking about how to set standards across the accounting department on how people set up their spreadsheets. If everyone does things the same way, it will keep things more organized. A cover page is a really simple way of doing that.

So you are going to have your spreadsheet of multiple tabs, but I would just add a tab at the front with general information. That way when you are sharing the file, people can quickly understand what the file is, and how to use it.

On the cover page, you should have:

  • Name of the business
  • Your name
  • Your contact
  • Date the spreadsheet was updated, major updates, or version numbers
  • Date of data contained in the spreadsheet
  • Short explanation of the purpose of the spreadsheet
  • Important assumptions that are used
  • Important formulas
  • Important results

I will go into assumptions later on in another video, but you might have assumptions for inflation or cost of capital that are used in your calculations.

This is such an easy thing you can do. And it just keeps you more organized, and helps your team work better together. That is a lot of what makes a well working accounting department, is being organized and thoughtful about your finances.

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