How to Bullet Journal for Business

In this video I share my secret tip for using a Bullet Journal for Business. Watch now!

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I made a video six months ago about keeping lists. That video was really a beginning introduction to organizing your life for success. I am curious how many of you watching this, keep lists to help organize yourself. If you have been keeping lists for a while, you might be ready to take it to the next level. The next level is keeping a bullet journal. This is a great technique that a lot of successful business people use to organize their lives. In this video, I am going to share with you my secret technique to using a bullet journal.

One of the keys to success in business is organization. If you are running a business it is so important to understand your priorities and keep focus. Here is a question: When you are at work, do you ever feel like there is chaos around you, things are out of control, and you are missing important deadlines? The answer to that question is “yes” because we all feel that way sometimes. But let me share a little bit of advice. Your competitors in the market place feel exactly the same way you do. So if you can become more organized, more focused, more in control of your operation, you can outperform your competition.

A bullet journal is a tool you can use to keep yourself more organized. There are a ton of videos on YouTube on how to keep a bullet journal, so if you are new to bullet journals, go watch several videos, and it will help you understand how to put it together. A bullet journal is a process of keeping lists and updating them on a regular basis. So it is not the notebook that is important, it is the process. Bullet journaling is the process of organization you go through every day. Very simply, people write down lists of tasks and then cross them out as they accomplish them. It sounds simple, but people have developed very precise methodology of how they keep every element of their bullet journal.

People who really get into business journals understand one simple truth. The most valuable thing in business is time. A bullet journal is really about planning how you are going to use your time. Organization creates effective time management, which creates higher productivity, which creates more money.

Are you ready to hear my secret technique for keeping a bullet journal? It is very simple. Keep two separate bullet journals. The reason for keeping two separate journals is the difference between strategy and tactics. I made a video last week on the difference between strategy and tactics. This is how you can practically implement those ideas in your business. One journal is for strategy and one journal for tactics, because they are actually very different things.

This is my journal for strategy. I wake up early every morning to write in this journal. This journal is about free-flowing creativity. There’s no structure. I just write. This journal is about your dreams. You dream about what you want your business to look like, what your dream life looks like. The strategy journal sets the direction of what you want to achieve.

I have gone through many of these journals. Some mornings I will just read it, or write new pages, or review old pages. This is getting your desires out of your head, onto paper, and setting your direction in life.

The second journal is about tactics. How you are going to get there. I keep my second journal on my computer in an Excel spreadsheet. The second journal is all about practical action. I update this spreadsheet every weekend. I only plan one week ahead. I look at the week ahead of me and I determine what action steps I can take to move me closer to my dreams. Every weekend you are sitting down and writing out your plan for the week.

The computer is great for this journal, because it is easy to update each week. This is a very simple spreadsheet. There are four columns.

  1. The date
  2. What I did last week
  3. Plan for next week
  4. Problems/Challenges

Do not get caught up in the spreadsheet here. This is not about the spreadsheet. This is about every week planning out your life. If every week, you take a couple of steps towards your dreams, before you know it, you are going to be living your dream life.

To recap, my secret technique for bullet journals is to keep two journals. One for strategy and one for tactics. To be honest, I keep four bullet journals. I keep a separate set for my job, and another set for my personal life.

I am going to get real with you here. It is tough to make it in the business world. If you think you are going to be a business leader and just go with the flow and wing it, you are in for a rude awakening. Because you are not going to make it unless you have your act together. The bullet journals can help you approach your job with self-discipline and focus.

I realize that life is hectic, and you might not be able get up every morning and spend time dreaming with your strategy journal. But if you can do this more often than not, you will be so far ahead of everyone else around you.

What I have found, is the days that I feel unmotivated, depressed, or worn down, are the days I have not spent time with my journal. Because you head out into the world and are bombarded with problems. If your life is just difficult problems, of course you are going to feel worn down, and you will just want to hide.

But instead, if you start your day out reviewing your dreams, you are not dealing with problems anymore. You are jumping over hurdles, getting to your dream life. That is the difference this little book can make. You are suddenly living a life full of purpose, passion, and excitement. That is strategy and tactics in action, and that is what will lead to making more money.

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