Hillary Clinton Scandal Exposed By The Durham Report

This month, the Durham report was released exposing the weaponization of the FBI against political opponents. The report exposed some shocking details about Hillary Clinton.

A lot of people do not realize the extent of the information that was revealed in the Durham report. It not only debunks the allegations against Donald Trump for Russian collusion, it also shows how one-sided the FBI was in its approach to the case. The report shows that in 2016, the FBI had three different pieces of information:

  1. There were four open investigations into illegal foreign donations to Hillary Clinton
  2. There was intelligence that Hillary Clinton had approved a plan to falsely accuse Donald Trump of Russian collusion to divert attention from her email scandal
  3. There was an informant against Donald Trump alleging Russian collusion

The FBI took these three pieces of information, and launched a full scale investigation into Donald Trump, while protecting Hillary Clinton. That is election interference and the weaponization of the government against one political party.

But it gets worse. As we all know now, the allegations against Donald Trump were proven to have been completely false. They were told to the FBI by an unreliable source. After further investigation, it was determined there was no basis for the claims. The claims against Trump came from one person. When that person was interviewed, he admitted to making the whole thing up. If that is all the information the FBI had, there is no reason they should have ever opened up a case against Donald Trump in the first place.

I want to make sure you understand this. Here is the tweet from Hillary Clinton accusing Trump of Russian collusion. The Durham report proves that Hillary was lying in this tweet to the American people. Hillary’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, testified to Durham, that Hillary personally approved the fake story to be leaked to the press before she tweeted this.

But it gets worse. The Durham report reveals that Hillary Clinton’s plan to smear Donald Trump was discussed in a briefing at the White House with CIA Director John Brennan, President Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden. The CIA knew that Hillary was plotting against Trump. The very next day, CIA Director Brennan met with the Head of the FBI, James Comey. They were all in on it the entire time.

Despite these revelations, the Durham report has been receiving a lot of criticism from conservatives. This is because it provides no recommendation that anyone did anything wrong. Durham is accused of using the report to protect the FBI. Also, the report has been delayed beyond the statute of limitations so no charges could be brought against Hillary Clinton.

To look closer at the Hillary Clinton investigations mentioned in the report, three of the four investigations into Hillary Clinton were about the Clinton Foundation. These were prompted by investigative reporting by journalist Peter Schweizer when he published a book called “Clinton Cash.” Peter Schweizer is a senior editor at Breitbart News which is a right wing news source, so his writing tends to be motivated by partisanship. The allegations are that the Clintons were using the Clinton Foundation to accept donations in exchange for government influence.

Unfortunately, we will never know if the allegations were true or not. Unlike President Trump, the FBI never undertook a full investigation of Hillary Clinton. In fact, just last week, FBI documents were released showing that during Joe Biden’s presidency, the investigation into the Clinton Foundation was closed and all evidence has been destroyed. Why did they destroy the evidence? I would have liked to have seen this evidence.

When we talk about Hillary Clinton, we have to talk about the fact that people close to her have been dying. In 2016, CBS Las Vegas posted on their website a list of 50 people close to the Clintons who have died mysteriously, either through suicide or unusual circumstances. This is very strange. I do not know anyone who has died mysteriously. Do you? Isn’t it unusual that so many of someone’s friends committed suicide? These people include co-workers, their security guards, etc. Now just to be clear, I am not accusing the Clintons of murdering these people. I do not know why these people keep dying. You would have to ask CBS that. It is their list. But you have to admit that it is very strange. Since 2016, even more people have been dying who are close to the Clintons. People have been keeping up this list, and depending on the list you read, it has increased from 50 to around 70 people today who are dead. This is very strange. I am not sure I even know 70 people.

Before I go any further, for my own safety let me just state for the record, that if something happens to me, that I did not commit suicide.

I want to focus on one name in particular from the Clinton death list: Seth Rich. What is interesting about Seth Rich, is that he wasn’t a suicide. He was murdered. But it was under suspicious circumstances. He was shot in the back multiple times. The police declared his murder a robbery gone wrong, although his wallet, cell phone, and credit cards were still on his body. What kind of robbery leaves all the money behind?

So, who was Seth Rich? He was a 27 year old staff member at the Hillary Clinton campaign. He had just started working at the campaign only days before he was murdered on July 10, 2016. His job was as a voter database employee.

There are conspiracy theories surrounding the murder of Seth Rich, claiming it looks more like an execution than a robbery. The timing is also suspicious, because it occurred shortly before leaked emails from the Clinton campaign appeared on Wikileaks. One of those emails included a message from John Podesta who was the former Bill Clinton Chief of Staff and current Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman. John Podesta wrote, “I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it.”

To be clear, the family of Seth Rich has come out against these conspiracy theories and has sued a number of people who have reported on it. I do not want to be sued. Let me just state that there are no facts to support the conspiracy theories about Seth Rich. The police say it was a robbery. The email from John Podesta was from months before and is not related. The US Department of Justice released the Mueller Report which discussed the leaked emails. In the Mueller Report it states definitively that “the US intelligence community publicly announced its assessment that Russia was behind the hacking operation.” The Mueller Report explains that Seth Rich’s murder has nothing to do with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

However, recent revelations are relevant here. Just this month, the Congressional Committee on the Weaponization of the Government released a report about the Hunter Biden laptop. If you remember, the laptop was exposed right before the election where Joe Biden beat Donald Trump. Joe Biden was able to dismiss claims about the laptop, because a letter was written by 51 members of the intelligence community that the laptop was Russian disinformation. The new report from Congress shows convincing evidence that this was a lie. The intelligence community was lying to the American people to protect the Democrat party. Here is an email between John Brennan, former Director of the CIA, and Michael Morrell, former Deputy Director of the CIA, saying “Trying to give the campaign, particularly during the debate on Thursday, a talking point to push back on Trump on this issue.” The emails show that the letter was written in a coordinated effort with the Biden campaign. If the name John Brennan sounds familiar, he was the same person who I mentioned earlier that met with President Obama about Hillary Clinton’s false Russia plot. Additionally, the letter was written on Oct 19, 2020. The FBI had the laptop in their possession since December 2019, almost a year earlier. Given how easy it was to show the laptop was authentic, the intelligence community would have known their letter was a lie. Additionally, we now know from the Twitter files, that the intelligence community was preparing in advance to respond to the laptop. They knew about it before it was ever reported by the press. The Twitter files included an agenda from a table top discussion led by the intelligence community running through a scenario were info about Hunter Biden is leaked to the press before the election. This meeting took place in Sept 2020, one month before the 51 intelligence members wrote their letter. They knew the whole time the letter was a lie. They were lying about Russian collusion to protect the Democrat party.

I can understand why the conspiracy theorists doubt the credibility of the US government. The Mueller report is heavily redacted and does not explain what evidence or analysis US intelligence used to blame the Clinton email hack on Russia. I think it is a fair question to ask, who made that decision? Was it the same people who signed the false letter about Hunter Biden? Let us look: 1) Hillary Clinton falsely accuses Donald Trump of colluding with Russia. Brennan was the head of the CIA. 2) the Hunter Biden laptop was falsely labeled as Russian disinformation. Brennan signs the letter. 3) It is determined that DNC emails were hacked by Russians. Brennan was the head of the CIA. So, if the first two examples of Russian collusion were completely false, Brennan blatantly lied in the first two examples, and Brennan was involved in all three, why are we blindly accepting the third one? What was the evidence or analysis they used? Also, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks has said the hack was an inside job. He claims it was not the Russians. He also claims to have physical proof that the Russians did not give him the materials.

For clarity, let me just state again. As of today, I have seen no evidence to support the conspiracy theory. The official media narrative is that Seth Rich was murdered in an attempted robbery. Julian Assange is currently in England waiting to be extradited to the US where he is charged with violating the Espionage Act and publishing hacked materials on WikiLeaks.

But let us look at the facts we do have. Seth Rich was murdered. He worked for the Clinton campaign. And his murderer was never found.

So why is Seth Rich important to the Durham report? I do not know whether or not he did or did not leak the documents to WikiLeaks. But I think there is another piece of information that people overlook. He was a voter database employee. That would have given him access to the Clinton’s computer network, specifically about donor information. This likely included information related to the Clinton Foundation. We now know from the Durham report that there were three open FBI investigations into the Clinton Foundation. What if Seth Rich stumbled upon information he was not supposed to see?

The Durham report exposes the unanswered question of whether John Brennan was lying in the Mueller report when he said the Clinton email hack was committed by the Russians. Julian Assange said it was not the Russians. Why are we believing John Brennan over Julian Assange? From the evidence I have seen, Julian Assange has a better track record of being a truth teller than John Brennan. I hope the Committee of the Weaponization of the Government investigates the actual evidence that supports John Brennan’s statements in the Mueller report, because I would like to know what it was.

The unfortunate thing about the Durham report is that it was released after the statute of limitations had already expired for investigating the Clinton Foundation. People are really upset about this. Is Hillary Clinton getting off scott free yet again? However, there is no statute of limitations on murder. Seth Rich’s murder was never solved. Given the revelations in the Durham report, I think we should re-open the case. There is a possibility that the investigation would lead straight back to the Clinton Foundation. Now it is also possible that no one at the Clinton campaign had anything to do with the murder. But until someone confesses to the murder, we will never know what happened to Seth Rich.


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