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Have you ever wanted to get quicker at Excel? I am going to give you my number one trick at being faster with Excel. It is all about mobility. You want to be able to jump around your Excel page quickly, and this will allow you to get through anything you are working on faster. WATCH NOW!

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I am surprised at how many people do not use keyboard shortcuts to move around their spreadsheets. It makes it so much faster.

Most people exclusively use their mouse, and they do a lot of scrolling and clicking every time they move to a new cell. This is a big waste of time.

The basic way you move using the keyboard is with your arrow keys.

You can move any direction by typing the arrow.

The keyboard shortcut you need to know is:

“End” + arrow key

This will move you to the end of a row or column of a table of numbers. So I have an excel sheet here, with just random numbers. I am at the top of the table. Let’s say I wanted to get to the end of the first row. I just press End, then the arrow key, and I am instantly there. Let’s say I wanted to get to the bottom of the table. I just press End, then the arrow key.

Just think about what is happening here. The End key is usually right above the arrow keys. So you can do this all with one hand. You are just moving your hand back and forth and you can quickly jump all around your sheet. Now this is just a small table of numbers, but a lot of the time you are dealing with spreadsheets that are hundreds and hundreds of rows and columns. Rather than scroll around, you can get to where you want to go instantly.

Let me give you a scenario, have you ever sat next to a co-worker and worked on an Excel spreadsheet. And they need to get to the bottom of a table. It is the most aggravating thing to sit there and watch them scroll, and scroll, and scroll down the page to get to the bottom of the table. You can get there instantly if you just use shortcuts.

Now let’s add one more shortcut in.

Hold “Shift”+ End + arrow

Whenever you hold shift, this allows you to select multiple cells. So when you jump from the top to the bottom of a table while you are holding shift, you select the whole column. If you hold shift while you jump to the edge and then down, you have selected the whole table. This is so much quicker than clicking and dragging with your mouse, especially if you are trying to select hundreds and hundreds of rows of data.

Those are my best shortcuts to help you get quicker with Excel.

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