Business Strategy Boot Camp (video 1 of 8)

I am excited because today we are starting a new video series called the Business Strategy Bootcamp. You guys know I love talking about business strategy. Well, for the next eight weeks, we are going to be talking about strategy, and I will be sharing some strategy tips you have probably never heard about. And by the way, this is all free. You do not have to sign up for anything. You just have to show up on this channel every week. This is the Wolves and Finance Business Strategy Bootcamp. Watch now!

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During this Business Strategy Bootcamp, you are going to be creating a one page strategic plan for your business. Did you hear that right? Yes. A one page strategic plan. This is a very unique approach to business strategy. I have never heard anyone talk about this. Usually people write 100 page strategic plans. Condensing that document into one page is actually very difficult, but it is a tool that I have found is very useful.

Let us talk about some of the benefits of having a one page strategic plan.

  1. Easy to communicate. If your business strategy is on one page, it makes it easy to share with others and explain what your business is about.
  2. Easy to update. Any strategic planning process should be updated at least once a year, and preferably once a quarter. If your plan is one page, updating it is really easy. If the plan is 100 pages, no one has time to update that.
  3. Clear and concise. This process forces you to be very focused and concise on your strategy. The goal is to be able to sit down with someone and clearly articulate what your business is about. If it takes you 100 pages to explain what your business is about, you have lost somebody’s attention. As a leader, you want to have a conversation and have the other person think “Wow, what a great business opportunity. I want to get involved with this business.” It makes it really easy to get new employees, new vendors, new business partners, and new financing opportunities.

I do not want to give you the wrong idea. Ultimately, your planning document is going to be 100 pages long. What you are going to do, is take the one page, and hand it to all your department heads. You hand it to IT, Sales, Accounting, Operations, etc. Each department head will write their own planning documents. When you combine everything together, it is going to be 100 pages. However, it all starts from the one piece of paper.

Let me start by explaining how the boot camp is going to work. Every week I will release a ten minute video. Every video I will be explaining to you step-by-step how to create this one page strategic plan. It will take us eight weeks to create this one page document. In each video, I will give you some activities to do. This is not going to be anything too hard. It will be about 30 minutes of work you can do during your morning coffee. So you will get up one morning, pour yourself some coffee, and answer some questions for 30 minutes. And at the end of eight weeks, you will have a one page strategic plan, and your business will be making more money.

I am making this series for business leaders of companies. But even if you are not running a business this is still useful information. You can use this in your personal life. When you get into the details, you will start to realize what a powerful tool business strategy can be.

Business Strategy answers the question, “how are you spending your time?” The great equalizer of life is time. You cannot buy time, and everyone has the same amount of it. If you can spend your time focused on activities that generate the most money you will be more successful. This works whether you are the CEO of a big company, or you are just trying to figure out what to do in life.

Let me give you the outline for the next eight weeks.

  • Video 1: Introduction
  • Video 2: Goal
  • Video 3: Define the company
  • Video 4: VRIO Analysis
  • Video 5: Unique
  • Video 6: Revenue Streams
  • Video 7: Value Proposition
  • Video 8: Tactics

It is going to be a fun eight weeks. There is a reason I am doing this series now. We just entered the fourth quarter of the year (October, November, December). This is a time when a lot of people are reflecting on what has happened in the previous year, and what they should do for the next year. So this is a great exercise if you wanted to sit down over the holiday season and think about what great things are next for you and your business.

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